Advances in Polyolefin Nanocomposites

Chapeter: Clay-Polyolefin Nanocomposites by In Situ Polymerization

Susannah L. Scott.

In Advances in Polyolefin Nanocomposites,  V. Mittal, Ed. Taylor-Francis 2011, 129-184.

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Catal. Org. React.

Chapter: A Highly Active and Reusable Catalyst for Suzuki Coupling: BaCe1-xPdxO3-x (0 < x = 0.1)

Xiaoying Ouyang, Jun Li, Ram Seshadri, and Susannah L. Scott.

Catal. Org. React. 2009, 123, 233-241.

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Catalysis of Organic Reactions

Chapter: Supported Re catalysts for the Metathesis of functionalized olefins

Anthony W. Moses, Heather D. Leifeste, Naseem Ramsahye, Juergen Eckert, and Susannah L. Scott.

Catal. Org. React. 2007, 115, 13-22.

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