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The Scott Group Publishes New Findings on Plastic Upcycling in Chem

Recent publication from the Scott Group demonstrates improvement in their innovative process that turns polyolefin into high-value alkylaromatics. 

UCSB researchers in collaboration with researchers at the University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign, Cornell University, and the Institute for Cooperative Upcycling of Plastics continue to tackle the global plastic waste problem. In the original process of turning polyethylene into long chain alkylaromatics, the platinum on alumina catalyst was slow and the yield of products low. In the improved process, the speed and selectivity of the reaction is enhanced by increasing the acidity of the alumina via the addition of chlorine or fluorine. This process enhances the viability of chemical upcycling as an alternative to mechanical recycling.


Bifunction Tandem Catalytic Upcycling of Polyethylene to Surfactant-Range Alkylaromatics 

Sun, J.; Lee, Y.-H.; Yappert, R. D.; LaPointe, A. M.; Coates, G. W.; Peters, B.; Abu-Omar, M. M*.; Scott, S. L*

Chem. 2023 (DOI: 10.1016/j.chempr.2023.05.017).


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Catalytic Hydrogenolysis by Atomically Dispersed Iron Sites Embedded in Chemically and Redox Non-innocent N-Doped Carbon

Zhicheng Luo, Li Li, Vy T. Nguyen, Uddhav Kanbur, Yuting Li, Jie Zhang, Renfeng Nie, Abhranil Biswas, Sergey L. Bud’ko, Jinsu Oh, Lin Zhou, Wenyu Huang, Aaron D. Sadow, Bin Wang, Susannah L. Scott*, and Long Qi*

J. Am. Chem. Soc. 2024, 146, 12, 8618–8629

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jacs cat hydrogenolysis

Quantitative analyses of products and rates in polyethylene depolymerization and upcycling

Yu-Hsuan Lee, Jiakai Sun, Susannah L. Scott*, Mahdi M. Abu Omar*

STAR Protocols 2023, 4 (4), 102575

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jiakai protocol paper

Bifunctional tandem catalytic upcycling of polyethylene to surfactant-range alkylaromatics

Jiakai Sun, Yu-Hsuan Lee, Ryan D. Yappert, Anne M. LaPointe, Geoffrey W. Coates, Baron Peters, Mahdi M. Abu-Omar*, and Susannah L. Scott*

Chem 2023, 9, 2318-2336

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Enhancing Phenol Adsorption on Hydrophobic Pd/SiO2 to Achieve Faster and More Selective Hydrogenation

Jason A. Chalmers, Hyunjin Moon, Samantha F. Ausman, Cheng-Hsun Chuang & Susannah L. Scott *

Topics in Catalysis 2023, 66, 1143-1151

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phenol paper fig

Rigorous Oxidation State Assignments for Supported Ga-Containing Catalysts Using Theory-Informed X-ray Absorption Spectroscopy Signatures from Well-Defined Ga(I) and Ga(III) Compounds

Li Li, Jason A. Chalmers, Simon R. Bare, Susannah L. Scott*, and Fernando D. Vila*

ACS Catalysis. 2023, 13, 6549-6561

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Solvent effects on catalytic activity and selectivity in amine-catalyzed D-fructose isomerization

Peter Drabo, Matthias Fischer, Meike Emondts, Jegor Hamm, Mats Engelke, Marc Simonis, Long Qi, Susannah L. Scott, Regina Palkovits*, Irina Delidovich*

Journal of Catalysis. 2023, 418, 13-21

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Chemical Recycling of Polyethylene by Tandem Catalytic Conversion to Propylene

Nicholas Wang, Garrett Strong, Vanessa DaSilva, Lijun Gao, Rafael Huacuja, Ivan Konstantinov, Mari Rosen, Alex Nett, Sean Ewart, Roland Geyer, Susannah Scott*, Damien Guironnet*

Journal of the American Chemical Society. 2022 (DOI: 10.1021/jacs.2c07781).

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