Principal Investigator



Dr. Susannah L. Scott

Mellichamp Chair in Sustainable Catalytic Processing
Distinguished Professor of Chemical Engineering
Distinguished Professor of Chemistry & Biochemistry
Academic Senate Chair, Santa Barbara Division University of California

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Graduate Student Researchers


Ali Chamas, Chem

B.S., UC Santa Barbara
Biomass Valorization & Plastic Degradation
Baker, Potter, Cyclist, Classical Musician, etc.


Li Li, Chem

B.S., Nanjing University, Nanjing, China
X-ray Absorption Spectroscopy of Catalysts
Retired Dota 2 Player

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Salman A. Khan, ChemEngr, B.S., Indian Institute of Technology, Kanpur
Methods to Model Atomically Dispersed Catalysts
Awaiting Response


Hyunjin Moon, ChemEngr

M.S., Seoul National University, South Korea
Catalyst Surface and Solvent Polarity Effects
In-House Lab Singer


Jacqueline Rohrer, Chem

B.S., University of California, San Diego
Catalysts for Biomass Conversion
Biker and Gardener


Michael Spears, ChemEngr

B.S., University of Massachusetts Amherst
Non-Isothermal Catalytic Kinetics
Time Traveler


Jiakai Sun, Chem

B.S., Sun Yat-sen University
Polyolefin Upcycling
Proud Owner of Socrates the Cat

Garrett Strong, ChemEngr

    B.S., Brigham Young University
    Polyolefin Upcycling, Heterogeneous Catalysis
    Daddy, Runner, Food Enthusiast


Tarnuma Tabassum, Chem

B.S., Mount Holyoke College
Surface Characterization, Heterogeneous Catalysts
Budding Film Connoisseur

Postdoctoral Researchers

Dr. Lijun Gao

Ph.D., University of Science & Technology of China
Supported Olefin Metathesis Catalysts
Difficult to Define

Dr. Xiangcheng Sun

Ph.D., University of Connecticut
Selective Catalytic Polypropylene Depolymerization
Hiking and Outdoor Activity Enthusiast

No Photo

 Dr. Allison Wesley

Ph.D., University of Notre Dame, Indiana, USA
Heterogeneous Catalyst Design
Caninophile and Fitness Enthusiast




Dr. Jing Wu

Ph.D., Dalian Institute of Chemical Physics
Continuous Flow C-N Bond Formation Reaction
Happy Mom, Tennis Fan




Dr. Fan Zhang

Ph.D., Dalian Institute of Chemical Physics
Olefin Metathesis and Polymer Up-Cycling
Poetic Alchemist



Visiting Researchers